I do not have access to internet, is there any manual application form?

Those without internet access may contact any HEP unit any Politechnic or Communitty College near you in writing / phone call to get further information.

I am a certificate holder from community college. What are the criteria to enable me pursuing a diploma in polytechnic?

Applicant must complete the certificate level in community college, with at least 2.9 CGPA and one year  of working experience after graduated from community college with a certificate.  For  those with less than 2.90 CGPA, you are required to have at least 2 years of working experience.

Can I apply for a Diploma using my IKM certificate?

Unfortunately, no. At the moment, polytechnics are offering those who fall under these 4 categories which are; school leavers after SPM, overseas student equivalent to SPM, those with polytechnics’ certificate and those with certificates from community college. However, students may apply for exemption/ transfer credits in learning modules, where applicable.

When is the intake advertisement to polytechnic will be published?

It will be advertised twice a year , in March and October.

Can I submit more than one application?

Candidate is allowed to submit only one application for every intake, with 2 options for preferred course. However you are allowed to change the preferred courses/ edit other information  before the deadline.

How many intakes are there in a year?

Intakes are conducted twice a year, in the middle of July and January. Application shall be made in Mac and October every year.

How am I going to know the admission status?

Results of the application can be checked via the following methods:

  1. Short message system (SMS) by typing 
    POLI<space>I/C Number wothout '-' and send to 39911. 
  2. By visiting this website; www.politeknik.edu.my. or
  3. Call any nearest polythechnic

What is the method for admission application at Polytechnic?

Application can be made online at www.politeknik.edu.my.

What are the criteria to apply for polytechnic?

It depends on the course and level of studies. Generally, an applicant must be a Malaysian and passed SPM.

For courses at diploma level, applicant must have at least; 5 credits including maths/ add maths.

More details on the criteria can be found at www.politeknik.edu.my.

What would be the implication for any false/ incorrect information provided during application?

All information provided must be checked thoroughly. All information will be evaluated and should provide merits in the offer. Offers can be withdrawn at any time for wrong information provided, even after  candidate has registered at the institution

Is there any charges incurred for every application?

Applicant may purchase PIN number to access e-Borang at any BSN at RM6 once the advertisement is published.

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